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Bibawo Medical A/S is a Danish family-owned pharmaceutical company, which produces, markets and distributes prescription medicines and medical equipment. Bibawo Medical belongs to Medilink Group, which was established in 1996 and today is actively engaged in exporting 14 products to 14 different countries in the EU, India and soon to the USA.


We focus on serving health care professionals by promptly providing them with latest published reports, patient treatment protocols and brochures and proceedings of scientific and clinical meetings. Bibawo Medical prioritizes close dialogue with therapy specialists, doctors and health care personnel in order to optimize the available clinical information on relevant medical conditions so as to help patients and their relatives.

What sets us apart?



Relevant reports, patient treatment protocols and other information on scientific and clinical meetings through efficient and systematic gathering of information 


State-of-the-art technology applied to develop the most advanced products in therapeutic areas of dermatology & cosmetology


Optimization medical information through close dialogue with therapy specialists, doctors and health care personnel.

What people say

I have been using Hydrozid for cryotherapy of several skin conditions like warts, actinic keratosis, lentigo, granuloma annulare etc for many years. I have found Hydrozid simple to use, very effective, and convenient.

Dr. Michael Heidenheim,
Gildhoj Private Hospital,